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Our partner Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory "OLYMP" presented a fully automated laboratory in Astana, Kazakhstan

Clinical and diagnostic laboratory "OLYMP" has put into operation an innovative medical laboratory complex in Astana. In several buildings with a total area of 3300 square meters are now operating clinical diagnostic, microbiological, parasitological, histological, molecular genetics, and chromato-mass spectrometric laboratories.

Our KombiMED GmbH team was very closely involved into supplying medical instruments for the clinical diagnostic, microbiological, histological, molecular genetics, and chromato-mass spectrometric laboratories.

The new clinical diagnostic laboratory is equipped with Roche laboratory track, which is unique for Kazakhstan. Due to the introduction of the track, the number of manual operations is maximally reduced and the speed of tests is increased. The equipment sorts the tubes according to the tests ordered and sends them by conveyor belt to the appropriate analyzers, where the tests are performed.

The chromatography-mass spectrometry laboratory is the first one in Kazakhstan.

The molecular genetic laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, instruments and materials.


Our company KombiMED is a professional in centralized purchasing for laboratories and medical centers.

We are ready to offer you solutions in procurement

- medical equipment, instruments and devices

- laboratory equipment

- consumables for laboratories

- chemical reagents for laboratories by European and worldwide manufacturers


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We serve customers in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). These include doctors' surgeries, medical facilities, rehabilitation centres, medical training facilities and veterinary practices as well as specialist medical trade.

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