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KombiMED & ROXALL at "World Allergy Congress (WAC)" in Istanbul, Türkiye, (October 13-15, 2022)

13-15.11.2022 Meet KombiMED with ROXALL at "World Allergy Congress (WAC)" in Istanbul, Türkiye


Our team KombiMED will attend the World Allergy Congress (WAC) in collaboration with the Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (TNSACI) to discuss with you the possible requirements for allergy products.

Our team of specialists with 25 years of experience in the EU is dedicated to finding and implementing advanced technologies in CIS healthcare. We supply technologies, equipment, spare parts and consumables for medical facilities of various profiles.

KombiMED offers comprehensive solutions, the latest European methods and products for allergology and immunology departments, hospitals, laboratories:

- Allergy Diagnostics

- Consumable materials for the allergology laboratory

- Allergens for treatment and diagnosis from the European market (SIT)

- Medical Equipment

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We serve customers in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). These include doctors' surgeries, medical facilities, rehabilitation centres, medical training facilities and veterinary practices as well as specialist medical trade.

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